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The lawful bonds of Scottish Society: The Five Articles of Perth, the Negative Confession, and the National Covenant
Ford, J D

Published: The Historical Journal, Vol. 37, 1 (1994), 45-64.


The origins of the Scottish National Covenant (1638) in the traditional practice of banding have been explored in the past, as have the links between, the Covenant and a millenarian perception of the Scots as an elect or covenanted nation. By locating the Covenant in the context of the sort of debate that went on about the legitimacy of the Five Articles of Perth after 1618, and in particular by considering the use in that debate of arguments relying an the Negative Confession of 1581, this paper suggests that the Covenant may have had less to do with asserting the particular heritage and destiny of the Scottish people than with re-tying the bonds of the universal law of God.

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